Hintermann Series Kalix® II

Subtalar arthroereisis is intended to assist in treating the hyperpronated foot by limiting pronation movement at the subtalar joint. It is intended to block forward, downward, and medial displacement of the talus, thereby limiting excessive eversion of the hindfoot. The subtalar implant is also designed to be used as an adjunct in conjunction with other corrective procedures for flatfoot treatment, including posterior tibial tendon reconstruction, FDL tendon transfers, and medial displacement calcaneal osteotomy.

The Hintermann Series Kalix® II is manufactured of titanium and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). The implant is positioned and inserted easily utilizing a specialized instrument which expands the implant in place for stable fixation in the subtalar space. The titanium core is advanced into the expandable configuration of the UHMWPE tapered shell to deform the implant radially into the sinus tarsi space. With its unique configuration, the implant stays in contact with the osteoarticular structures only with its UHMWPE shell, thus protecting them from secondary damages.

The Hintermann Series Kalix® II implant is available in 8 sizes: 9 through 15mm and 17mm, depending on the extent of the deformity to be supported. The instrument set provides reusable trials to determine the appropriate implant to be used on the patient.
Currently, this product is only available outside of the United States.

kalixllKey Features
& Benefits

  • Fast and efficient surgical procedure
  • Progressive and controlled expansion
  • Conical shape anatomically matched to tarsal sinus
  • 8 diameter sizes: 9 through 15mm and 17mm
  • Readily removable