A strong corporate management team is the guiding force that ensures a productive, successful company. DT MedTech’s exemplary team is comprised of primary leaders in the medical device field who bring to light their extraordinary expertise in all aspects of corporate business…from human resources, information technology, and production, to distribution, finance, and legal.

Our Valuable Team Members

David L. ReicherChief Executive Officer/President
David Reicher, a foot and ankle surgeon for more than 20 years, retired from private practice in 2000, but still maintains his license and board certification. As co-founder of Data Trace Publishing Company (DTP) in 1986, he and his partners began the company as a medical publishing firm. DTP has since grown in size with more than 22 entities under its umbrella. Dr. Reicher maintains the post of CEO and President for all entities, where he actively participates in product development, new product evaluation, and mergers and acquisitions. He pioneered the development of DT MedSurg, LLC, a Data Trace company that provides comprehensive training, particularly for ankle implantation techniques, using the most sophisticated platforms.
Herbert E. FriedChief Operating Officer
Herbert Fried is a co-founder of the Data Trace Publishing Company (DTP) and has been the Chief Operating Officer of all Data Trace entities for 29 years. Mr. Fried has been paramount in creating and implementing DTP’s multiple business models, and was instrumental in developing Data Trace’s wide array of businesses and product lines. He earned his PhD in Organic Chemistry from Northwestern University, performed his post-doctoral work in Bio-Organic chemistry at the University of Chicago, and then performed and directed at Shell Oil Company in Houston, Texas. While at Shell, Mr. Fried spearheaded numerous research programs and was honored as one of the company’s “Most Prolific Inventors.” He is the author of more than 60 United States patents and publications.
Alan Richard SachsGeneral Counsel
Alan Richard Sachs, Esquire, lead counsel to DT MedTech, is recognized for practicing corporate, securities, commercial, and business law. He has represented and advised a collection of entities in connection with their operations and their acquisition of business entities through tender offers, mergers, outright purchases, acquisition of assets, and by other means. Mr. Sachs is also well-published, with a myriad of articles relating to his concentrations of practice, and is currently General Counsel to, and a principal of, Data Trace Publishing Company, a national leader in legal publications. His widespread legal expertise has proven crucial to the structural integrity of DT MedTech.
Charles FreitagChief Financial Officer
Charles Freitag serves as the Chief Financial Officer for the Data Trace group of companies, which currently houses 22 wholly-owned and related subsidiaries. He maintains and reports on the financial structure of these entities, overseeing product development and lifecycle. He advises on acquisition opportunities and actively establishes financial plans for corporate growth. Mr. Freitag aids in launching entrepreneurial companies by developing venture capital and additional funding strategies to strengthen the financial and corporate success of such entities. His experience in financial consultation and commercial development lends itself to the financial strength of DT MedTech.
Beat Hintermann, MDChief Medical Officer
Beat Hintermann, MD currently acts as Chairman of the Clinic of Orthopaedics and Traumatology at Kantonsspital Liestal and as an Associate Professor at the University of Basel. Dr. Hintermann was the keystone developer of the Hintermann Series H3 Ankle and maintains patents on a collection of lower extremity implants and devices. His medical expertise is backed by over 30 years in the field, working primarily with ankle arthroscopy, ankle instability, total ankle replacement, and foot and ankle trauma. Dr. Hintermann has received numerous awards for his biomechanical research and continues to lecture internationally at orthopaedic conferences.