DT MedTech
in Lower Extremity Surgery

Backed by more than 30 years in the ever-expanding field of medicine, DT MedTech, LLC, a powerhouse in the medical device industry, is dedicated to providing innovative surgical solutions for lower extremity surgeons with state-of-the art devices designed to ensure better patient outcomes.

With the rapidly evolving Total Ankle Replacement market, DT MedTech was originally formed to exploit the intellectual property of European Foot Platform S. A. R. L. (EFP) and Professor Beat Hintermann (Hintermann Series) to improve patient care with the highest quality products. The flagship product being the Hintermann Series H3™ Total Ankle Replacement Prosthesis, that has been a viable product globally for the past 18 years (not currently distributed in the United States).

Since the Total Ankle Replacement market is evolving at such an accelerated rate, new technologies continue to enter the marketplace. With high expectations that these new ankle technologies will result in better outcomes, more doctors are beginning to suggest this treatment option to their patients. That is why DT MedTech has begun training more and more foot and ankle surgeons on how to perform total ankle replacement surgery using the exceptional Hintermann Series products.

The Hintermann Series H3™ Total Ankle Replacement prosthesis has been widely used in countries outside of the US for many years and has proven to be very effective. In late 2017, DT MedTech and Prof. Hintermann introduced the newest product in the Hintermann Series line, the Hintermann Series H2® Total Ankle Replacement prosthesis. This innovative new implant is a two-component, semi-constrained Total Ankle Replacement system that is indicated for use as non-cemented implant outside of the US and as a cemented implant within the US. In addition, it may be used for primary replacement or revision surgery.